Protection for Parents

Protection for Parents

There are lots of things to think about as you drop off your little one at school.
Have you remembered to pack everything?

⚽️ PE kit (fully washed with mud stains removed)

📘 Spelling book

🥪 Packed lunch (but not the same one as yesterday)

🌰 Cereal box for the space project, and

🐑 Sheep outfit for class assembly?
Have you given the spare trousers that came home yesterday to Oscar’s dad?

Have you said sorry about that thing that happened at the party last weekend to Lily’s mum?

One thing you definitely don’t think about is who has life insurance.

To be clear, we would be pretty worried if it was at the front of your mind. But if you did ask, you might be surprised.

In 2018 Scottish Widows talked to over 5,000 mums and found that 40% had life insurance. Those mums had protection for their family to get some money to help them to try and rebuild in the event of their death.

60% of mum’s don’t have life insurance. 👈

The children of 18 of the 30 parents outside the average classroom door would get no financial support if they died.

We really don’t want to add more things for you to worry when you’re rushing to school.

But we do want to help make sure that your family is protected in case you die. To do this we put you in touch with the best experts to help you get the right cover for you and your family.

And then you can get back to worrying about the important things in life. 😁

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