An awkward chat…

An awkward chat…

As usual with kids, the big questions come at the strangest moments. Take our daughter for example. At 4 years old she is crazy, beautiful, wonderful, frustrating all combined in one sassy package of questions.

The other morning whilst attempting to remove some tangles from her hair (as naturally, she seems allergic to a hairbrush) after looking pensive for some time she came out with the question I had been hoping to avoid for some time…

“Mummy – how do babies get out of their mummies tummies?”

I sat stunned for a second, for I had feared that moment for the last few years, knowing how much she loves babies. Reflecting on everything I know as a mum, in that instance I decided that actually, I was going to tell her the truth. And I did.

If I wasn’t prepared for the question in the first place, I most certainly wasn’t prepared for the roaring laughter and disbelief that followed my answer…she literally did not believe me. Shaking her head she said, “No mummy, that’s not right!”.

Sigh. So what could I do? I finally responded:

“Nope, actually you are right Evie – a unicorn comes along, waves a magic wand and pow! The baby pops out of the door next to your belly button and is born”. She nodded in acceptance and no more was said on the matter.

I can only sigh with relief that she didn’t delve into how babies get into their mummies tummies in the first place. Perhaps one for next time…

Has this happened to you? How did you handle it?

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